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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In which season is high school girls soccer played?

*High School Girls Soccer is played in the spring.

How long does the season last?

*A typical season lasts from the end of February or beginning of March through the end of May.  

How many teams are there?

*The girls soccer program at SMS has three teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C-Team.

Can girls tryout who have never played soccer?

*Yes!  Coach Ewing encourages every potential player to tryout for a team at SMS.  Dependent on the number of girls who tryout, cuts might have to be made.  However, every effort is made to place players on a team who wish to work hard and play.

How many games do the girls play?

*The players typically play in about 14-16 games per season, not including sub-state and state games for Varsity.  Also, the weather can determine how many games each team plays.  Every effort will be made to reschedule Varsity games which get postponed.

When do the teams practice?

*The coaches determine the practice schedule, but players can expect to have practice everyday after school once tryout week is over.  Practices can be expected  on the weekend during soccer season.  These are at the coaches discretion.  Once the season begins, players should expect to have either a practice or a game, every day, Monday through Friday, at a minimum.

What if a player has a conflict with the schedule?

*All conflicts must be handled between the player and the player's respective coach.  All coaches not only encourage, but expect, players to communicate directly with the coaches instead of parents communicating with the coaches about the conflict.

What is the cost to attend games?

*C-Team games have been free to attend.  JV/Varsity games require a fee to attend at the gate.  The cost is $5.00/children K-8th grade (or, for students with a Student ID), and $7.00/adults.  If you are interested in purchasing a pass for the entire season, the cost is $30.00/individual, and $50.00/couple.  These passes will gain you admission to all home, regular season games.  They will not count towards sub-state and state competitions.  There is a lesser charge for children's passes K-8th grade.  Contact the SMS Office for more details and how you can pick up your passes at 913-993-7500.  The passes are good for the entire school year.  Senior citizens can go to the district office and pick up a "Gold Pass" for free.  It only has to be done one time per person.

How do the players get to games?

Players will be bused to away games. The only exceptions are Saturday games. Coaches will communicate this with the players if a bus will not be provided.

Is the player required to ride the bus home?

Players do not have to ride the bus home if a parent is present to sign them out. JV players are required to stay for half of the Varsity game. All teams are encouraged to attend each other's games to support the program.

Am I required to pay anything for my child to play?

Yes, the Booster Club will communicate the amount due for each player at the player/parent meeting after tryouts. 

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